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(Available for existing clients only)

A 30minute Energy support boost is ideal for those desiring to deepen the connection with their subtle body through regular energetic maintenance. The Energy Support Boost is less intensive than a deep intuitive healing session and is designed to supplement your current energetic practices.  


This offer is a minienergic aid and is only available for established clients. 


Your session begins with a brief chat and intention setting. For most of the session, you’ll be in a resting position, then Deanna will guide you through a grounding meditation, facilitate reiki, energy clearing, and a subtle body activation that allows vital life force energy to flow through your energetic meridians. 


What’s Included: 


  • 5 Minutes of Discussion and intention setting. 

  • A grounding meditation paired with 20 minutes of Reiki. 

  • 5 Minutes of reflection post healing session.

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