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Healing Session


15 Min
Complimentary Call

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Distance Reiki 

Receive reiki from the comfort of your home...

In-Person Sessions

The Classic Reiki
Healing Session

Obtain immediate peace, relaxation, and internal balance...

*Before you book, please read the Things to Know Before You Book section below.

In-Person Sessions

The Signature Reiki Healing Session

Raise your vibrations and deepen your connection with your higher self. 

In-Person Sessions

The Deep Intuitive Energy Session

Dive further into your energetic assessment and receive personalized notes from me.

In-Person Sessions

The Deluxe Deep Intuitive Energy Session 

Enhance healing and access your divine intuition to resolve challenges.

In-Person Sessions

The Personalized Intuitive Retreat

This peronlized retreat is an unforgettable experience as I align your body energetically from head to toe...

Pre-Healing Session

Pre-Healing Session

This converstation allows for a thorough understanding of your needs and enhanced customization of your  session.   

Things to Know Before You Book 


Group Healing Sessions:

Group energy healing sessions and group Cacao ceremonies are available upon request for 3-6 people. If interested, please email me.


Individual Healing Sessions:

Each Reiki session is strategically designed to provide maximum healing benefits within the time permitted. I’ll tailor each session to meet you where you are at the time of service.


Pre-Healing Sessions:

Should you desire additional time beyond what is built in to discuss your current challenges, I am happy to allow you the time. However, this will not adjust the time limit of our session and will impact the amount of time spent on the table receiving the Reiki healing. If you’d like to consult with me before we meet, I invite you to book a 30-minute Pre-Healing Session as an add-on to your service. This conversation is more in-depth than the 15-minute call and allows for a thorough understanding of your needs and enhanced customization of your healing session. 


Please Note:

You can expect me to reach out through email in the days following our time together. I will assess how you’re feeling and provide any additional post-care support. Should you need to speak with me sooner, please email me, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Before You Book

I feel so fortunate to have experienced a reiki session with Deanna. She has a true gift for the healing arts. Her love and passion for this work were evident from the moment I stepped into the room. Deanna's gentleness and compassion allowed me to fully open up. I was able to feel where there was stagnant energy in my body and by the end of the session, I felt lighter and more hopeful. I feel truly blessed to have this amazing healer in my life. 

Jackie Jordan, M.A

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