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Deanna Jaromay



Deanna can send Reiki to and from anywhere in the world and offers the same potency as an in-person session. 


Your distance session begins with a phone or zoom call to talk about where you desire healing, and then together, we’ll set an intention for the practice. For most of the session, you’ll be in a resting position while Deanna leads you through a grounding meditation, facilitates reiki, energy clearing, and a subtle body activation that allows vital life force energy to flow through your energetic meridians. During this time, you’ll receive intuitive downloads and access to your innate inner wisdom, bringing you closer to your core essence. 

What’s Included: 


  • 10 Minutes of Discussion and intention setting. 

  • A guided grounding meditation.

  • 25 minutes of Reiki.

  • Crystal healing.

  • Post-session Integration work. 


A distance energy healing session is ideal for those who:

  • Prefer to receive reiki from the comfort of their home. 

  • Have limited mobility.

  • Travel often.

  • Have full schedules.

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