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The 75-min Energy Healing session is ideal for those looking to expand their current energy healing practice. It’s designed for those looking to move deeper into the wisdom of their subtle body and intuitive self-healing ability. 


Your session begins with a conversation about where healing is most desired, and then an intention will be set for your session. Deanna will request consent to drop into your energy field to better designate which tools will complement your healing session.  You’ll be in a resting position while Deanna guides you through a grounding meditation, facilitates reiki, energy clearing, and a subtle body activation that directs vital life force energy through dormant meridians in the subtle body. 


The 75- minute session is amplified with Crystal, Sound, and Aromatherapy (from essential oils) which creates a potent energetic experience. Your session will be closed with a 20 minute 1:1 reflection and discussion. 

This session allows you to receive intuitive downloads and experience profound feelings of connection with your inner guidance systems. This activation within mind, body, and spirit supports you through your unique healing process in an energetically aligned way.


What’s Included: 

  • 15 Minutes of discussion and intention setting. 

  • A guided grounding meditation.

  • 35 minutes of Reiki.

  • Crystal & sound healing.

  • Aromatherapy from essential oils. 

  • 1:1 reflection and discussion post healing session. 

  • Post-session Integration work. 

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