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The Deluxe Deep Intuitive Energy Session 

I invite you to experience The Deluxe Deep Intuitive Energy Session to enhance healing and access your divine intuition to resolve challenges. Our time together will be an extension of The Deep Intuitive session and includes an Intuitive Oracle Card Reading. 


I’ll lead you through pulling the cards, interpreting their meaning, and assessing how it applies to your current life. Remember, your higher self is always in communication with you. Let me help you quiet the mind so you can receive the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) messaging it has for you. 


To accompany the session, you’ll receive an emailed post-care summary that reviews:

The areas I intuitively sensed needed the most healing in the body 

  • The meaning of the cards pulled during the Intuitive Oracle Reading 

  • What to expect in the coming days and how to care for yourself

  • The crystals that were pulled and why they were used

  • Grounding techniques and additional guidance


*Please allow 7-10 days for your post-care summary to arrive

2 hours - $240

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