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6 Ways Reiki Helps You Feel Like Yourself Again

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Reiki is an energetic healing practice that supports the whole you on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It’s a gentle practice that naturally activates self-healing in our bodies, and allows Universal Life Force Energy to flow more freely... helping you feel more open, and more like yourself again!

6 BIG ways Reiki can help:

1) Release Physical Stress and Tension

** Reiki has proven to downgrade the sympathetic nervous system, and fire up the parasympathetic nervous system... restoring your body and mind to a harmonious and balanced state. This allows your body’s natural healing abilities to take over.

** Reiki provides the time, space and perspective you need to be more aware of what’s occurring in your physical body. With that, Reiki also helps you comfortably release the spots where you’ve been “gripping” and softens your resistance to healing, which allows you to relax and experience the world more deeply.

2) Compliment Your Conventional Medicines

** Reiki does not interfere with conventional treatments. In fact, it compliments conventional medicine and other treatments because it’s completely non-invasive. Reiki can even be practiced without touching, simply by hovering above your body with the hands. It can also be given at a distance. In our distance-healing session, for example, you can simply relax at home and get treated, while I do the work here in our studio.

** Reiki and mainstream-medicine combine to form a powerful and integrative approach to healing that works on your whole being… allowing you to take extra steps to boost your health, without interfering with standard treatment protocols.

3) Support Your Body’s Physical Healing

** Reiki supports pain management by alleviating physical pain and restoring balance on a deeper level. It also improves sleep quality allowing your body time to heal.

** Reiki eases the feelings of tension on your body, mind and spirit and encourages you to let go of what’s no longer needed. When your body, mind and spirit are in a relaxed state, it allows for treatments to fully express the healing process.

4) Remove Energetic Blocks

** Trauma, both physical and emotional, is stored in your body. When trauma is stuck, it will cause energetic blockages. These manifest in the physical and emotional bodies. Reiki can release these energetic blocks and allow for the Universal Life Force energy to flow through you, creating a subtle shift → More compassion, more openness and more self-love.

5) Increase that Feeling of Connection

** Reiki opens your heart center, allowing that wonderful feeling of love and compassion to come through - opening you up to the connectedness within your own self, and the world around you.

6) Get Centered and Grounded

** Reiki helps center and ground you. As you move through life with the intention of feeling grounded, centered and connected to your own self... you’ll find it easier to stay focused and make more thoughtful and heart-based choices, naturally!

Curious about what Reiki can do for you? Great! Connect with me today and schedule your complimentary 15 minute call at 1 (925)-6831633! I’d love to answer your burning questions, and give you a taste of what we’re talking about!

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