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"The Price of Ignoring Your Soul: 3 Insights from Taking a Break from 'Shoulds'"

Hi Lovelies! I feel like I have been MIA for quite awhile and it feels good to be writing again!

Last year ended with deep gratitude, but as the new year rolled around, I sensed a time of "constriction." That word came to me then, but I didn't know what that meant. 

As I allowed life to unfold, it wasn't a constriction as much as it was about protecting my energy and walking my talk. I felt a solid call to slow down, go within, and trust deeper than I ever have experienced.

Instead, life exploded into a heartfelt and beautiful whirlwind of experiences and busyness, causing overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout.

I often ask my clients, "What is the cost of not giving to you? What is the price of not listening to your soul and slowing down?"

I also use the example of leaving the dishes in the sink overnight. "If you are exhausted, why push yourself to do the dishes before bed? What would happen if you didn't? How would it feel to give yourself the gift of extra sleep?"

That is what I did. I intentionally gave myself a respite from things I was starting to feel like I "should" do rather than doing or moving from a place of inspired action. 

Here are three insights I gained by giving myself a break from the "shoulds" from my perspective:

  •  My business didn't fold. On the contrary, it gave me space to see more clients, teach more classes, perform more business and home clearings, and spend time with family. 

  • I could direct my creative energy into my home, ensuring I creatively used the space in my tiny abode. I even created an outside office on my patio to work surrounded by nature. 

  • The rest allowed me to move through profound initiatory experiences, strengthening my trust in the divine and allowing me to experience deep healing.  

The process was eye-opening and still is. I am allowing things to unfold while trusting the intelligent divine source as I move through the unknown. It isn't easy, and my life isn't perfect. My cute outside office needs cleaning, plants need repotting, my home needs sweeping, and I am sure laundry needs to be done. However, I am slowly returning, integrating the spaciousness I gifted myself and guaranteeing I don't move from a place of obligation, shoulds, and burnout.

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself the gift of an intentional respite for however long you may need it. However, when you do, it is normal for your inner judge to speak up, allowing you to reflect and find the truth and wisdom your inner judge is showing you. It can also provide the space for you to rewrite your narrative. My inner judge screamed at me for taking a break, telling me my business would suffer and I would have to close down shop. However, the rest provided me a chance to feel that my success as a person isn't measured by my business, achievements, or social standing. It is about connection, keeping my heart open, and feeling aligned with life as I walk my path.

So, what is it costing you to not listen to your soul and not giving to yourself?

As always...Be Well, Be You, and Be Radiant! ✨

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