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A Shift in Perception

I recently went on a trip and booked a hotel room based solely on the pictures. It was a gorgeous room with a rustic vibe. I was super excited because the room was a casita with a large balcony. I couldn't wait to sit under the stars bundled up, looking for the moon and watching the light play in the sky at sunrise with coffee in my hands.

Sadly, when I arrived around 6 pm, I was disappointed. It was not the room of my expectations nor my heart; it didn't even have a balcony! Although the room was okay, it didn't feel welcoming, and it smelled a bit musty when I walked in. The ceilings hung low, it was dark, and the shower didn't have a light in or around it; it felt like I was showering in the shadows. It was a large room meant to fit more than one person. However, it felt like the place was closing in on me. I called the front desk and explained my situation, but they couldn't entertain different accommodations until the morning.

I stayed in my room and hoped for a better tomorrow.

The morning came; I headed down to the front desk at 6:55 am as they opened at 7 am and asked for anything that felt more spacious, perhaps one with a fireplace. By 9 am. I hadn't heard whether or not I would receive another room. I went to grab breakfast and then headed back to the room to pack all my belongings.

But this time as I entered my room, I felt it's magic unfold. I saw the morning light streaming in through the windows, and I felt the ro