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Are you Conditioned or Authentic?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

In late September, I attended a 5-day workshop hosted by my teacher and mentor, Michelle Long, the founder of The Practice for Women. We talked about the conditioned-self and letting go. Coincidently, I decided in early September that October’s theme would be about releasing, and the Mindful Sunday card I pulled on the last Sunday of September was “Devote time to sit back and observe.”

“Hey Universe, I get it!” is all I can think as I see the connection now. October rolled around, and BAM! I knew I would have to employ all the wisdom I gathered last month if I was going to “sit back and observe” what was coming up for me.

It all started with a feeling of being out of alignment with myself. Trying to live life in joyfulness felt too hard and phony. I felt apathetic and spiraled into a negative mindset. I spent a few days in this space ignoring any feelings and forging ahead. All the while, my body was telling me I was exhausted, but I didn’t listen