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Being YOU is Your Birthright!

What does it mean to stand in your truth and be authentic? How does one know their truth when their lived experiences are ever-changing and expanding their mindset and the person they are?

However much we grow and change; there is always that deep-centered truth within us. It guides us, acting as our true north. It is the gut feelings, the inner knowing, and soft whispers of our intuition and the gentle nudges of our inner wisdom. Sometimes we don’t hear the soft whispers or feel the gentle nudges or listen to our gut feelings. We push aside all of that and forge ahead until something drastic happens, like our body physically breaking down because our soul is screaming for our conscious attention.

I was such a person who ignored the whispers and nudges of my soul. I was too much of a people pleaser and didn’t want to disappoint anyone. I would give my power away because I wanted to be liked and to fit in. I would go along with others’ plans even when I didn’t want to and gave so much of myself until I had no more to give. I was physically sick and mentally exhausted. It got to the point that when people made fun of me, I laughed and even participated in it. I was lost consumed in a game of self-deprecation.

Slowly, I started to feel my soul’s stirrings. I knew without knowing that I was on a self-discovery journey. As I learned more about myself, I began tapping into something deep within me. As time went on, I began sourcing from a deep sense of truth and compassion; connecting to my intuition. I had found my power, my confidence, and my voice.

It is said that coming home to your authenticity, your truth, and yourself is a daily practice, and I subscribe to it 100%!

However, I never thought that I would give away my power to anyone ever again, let alone to a complete stranger.

I was on a discovery call with a potential client, and as we chatted, I intuitively felt the energy shift but ignored it. I allowed this individual to direct the flow of conversation because I wanted to hold space for them, but I lost myself along the way. I fell right back into old patterns without even realizing it.

Don’t get me wrong. It was genuinely a pleasant conversation, and it even felt like we were connecting, but I could feel the gentle nudges of my soul start to vibrate throughout my body. And yet, I still questioned what my intuition and body wisdom were conveying to me.

I sat uncomfortably in the fire, placing one hand on my heart and another on my solar plexus. I started to breathe into my hands, grounding myself for the deep emotional work ahead. I allowed all the feelings, questions, and knowing to move in and through me, eventually understanding and feeling the truth.

I truly believe this was a Divine Experience. An experience to help me deepen into my authenticity and to remind me that it is part of the daily practice of coming back home to myself.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, albeit a people pleaser or a person who walks through the world in openness. Remember that your personal power, truth, and light are your birthrights.

Your perspective of life may change, but if you are sourcing from your intuition, listening to your soul, and taking that inspired action - you will always be authentically you.

Be Radiant and Be Authentically YOU!

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