How Can Reiki Help?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Ever wonder how different people can move through this world in COMPLETELY different ways?

For example…

One friend you know never gets ill. They never worry about their future. And they always feel like they have enough…

...While another friend seems to have a much harder time with everything.

So what’s the difference then, right?

We're all human beings. We’re all made out of the same stuff - cells, chemical reactions, energy, electrons, protons, neutrons, etc.

So why the BIG difference in how we experience the world?

Spiritual, health, and religious institutions have pondered this big question for millenniums. And so has everyone else! 😄 Every single one of us, since our childhoods.

But no matter what your personal leanings… the big difference is actually pretty obvious.

It’s about how we use our energy, our minds, our memory, and our intentions to view and interpret our world. Nothing more, nothing less.

The person you know who’s having an easy-time with life is simply programmed that way. Usually by having experienced pleasantness regularly… so they come to expect pleasantness as their experience.

Conversely, when the mind gets wrapped up in pain, anger, or other less-than-pleasant feelings… it lives (and thinks its thoughts) within that paradigm. Almost like it’s running a computer program and that’s the default setting.

So, the question becomes…

If we’re already experiencing pain or suffering, how do we learn to tune out that feeling, and tune into a better one?

Well, that’s where Reiki can help.

This blog is far too short to explain everything (and you don’t want me to anyway, I’ll butcher it 😄), but essentially… everything is vibration.

Your thoughts are vibrating in your consciousness, reliving memories and imagining all kinds of things.

Your body’s cells are vibrating in different states as a reaction to the myriad different sensory inputs they’re always experiencing.

And while your heart is busy feeling out these vibes all the time (helping you navigate both your inner and outer worlds), the brain is doing it’s best to interpret the signals in its own way - usually trying to keep you safe, and make sure you don’t feel exposed.

With all this going on inside us (and while living in an increasingly complex and hard-to-navigate world), it’s important to create refuge from these seemingly scattered and complex issues, and get back to the basic unity of life.

You know...

The place where the heart, head, and energy can stop tripping over itself, and start to relax into the simple grace and beauty of living. Just like when you were a kid.

And that’s where Reiki comes in, in a big way.