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Inner Peace is for YOU, too!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

There is an infamous and invalid perception that spiritual people have transcended heavy emotions such as rage and anger. My response to that is, “We are all human. I am not impervious to the human condition. None of us are!”

Just like everyone else, I get angry and resentful and sometimes I have a hard time releasing heavy emotions because I’m stuck in the story and don’t recognize the patterns playing out in my life.

I recently had an experience where I was resentful and hurt. I was aware of the feelings, but they were so charged with emotion that I wasn’t able to bow and receive the gift of wisdom of that moment. With each passing day, the feelings grew more intense and irrational. I tried to keep it together by pushing the emotions down and pretending all was okay. But they needed to be released, and the usual tools didn’t provide any insights or relief.

At my emotional zenith, I started to notice how easily irritated I was. I would dish out little digs trying to relieve myself by dumping my frustrations on the people around me.

As all this was occurring, I observed myself and noticed holding on to this anger was constricting my energy and taking a physical toll on my body. My energy was low, I had digestive issues, and I broke out in a rash.