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My Master Teacher is a Cat

My favorite mornings start by waking up next to my fur babies, Sable and Roscoe. Those are the mornings we snuggle together, all of us happy. Roscoe gives me puppy kisses and then nudges my hand with his nose to get me to scratch behind his ears while Sable nuzzles up against me and flips over on her back so she can get the belly rubs.

Sable and Roscoe in the wine country

Our pets play an essential part of our lives. They are here to guide us and help us fulfill our potential. That is if we pause and listen with our heart. Roscoe and Sable aren't my first fur babies. When I moved into my home, I had two other pets, Tahine, a mini bull terrier, and Charlie, a gray tabby who I affectionately called Puppy-Cat because he acted more like a dog than my actual dog!

Tahine loved hiking

Tahine was ten years old when she transitioned. She came into my life when I needed her most. Over the years, she showed me how to be present and communicate spirit to spirit. She only had to give me a look when she needed something, and I understood what she wanted.

She didn't bark much except for bedtime. That was my cue to lay down next to her until she fell asleep.

She showed me how to act from a place of love, even during hard times. I learned how to hold space and support a living soul by being loving. She showed me hope when the circumstances felt hopeless. She also taught me how to allow life to unfold and surrender. But, most of all, she taught me the value of true self-forgiveness.

Charlie was a master teacher. The gifts he gave were more spiritual. Charlie was "just a cat" when I received him, but he became so much more. Over the 20 years we spent together, I saw my perception of him shift from "just a pet" to reverence and respect as I deepened into my soul's purpose.

Charlie was the man of the house

On the day he told me it was time to call a vet because he couldn't transition on his own, I felt my heart shatter. I cried as I made the call, and the dogs, Sable and Roscoe, paced around the house. I sensed Roscoe knew and understood what was transpiring as he gave Charlie space, but little Sable did not. Instead, she wanted to be with Charlie.

The vet arrived and made preparations as waves of unrelenting sobs came so hard and fast that I could barely breathe. She gave Charlie the first shot, and within 15 seconds, I felt his spirit release because I felt energy full of immense love and gratitude flow into my heart and fill my body. I knew it was Charlie's goodbye to me. He had transitioned even before the second shot. And just like that, a calm and serene feeling came over me.

I may have felt calm and serene, but my home felt empty. It missed him. We missed him. Three days after Charlie left, Roscoe, Sable, and I lay in bed, comforting each other and feeling how lonely the home felt without him. Then I felt his presence. It wasn't a ghostly presence but more like a feeling of being held; his energy filled the room, and it felt like home again.

Charlie's gift of love and gratitude helped me understand death and has been a great sense of comfort in times of need.

I am grateful for the gifts they gave me. They taught me to be present and mindful of my relationships, especially with Roscoe and Sable.

Speaking of being more mindful, here is a mindful meditation I do with my fur babies to let them know I love and cherish them. I usually start with Roscoe since he is the oldest.

I slow my breath and connect to my heart center, opening it up and allowing the love and gratitude I feel for him to flow.

I focus on what it feels like to be together in the moment, bringing my full attention to him so that at that moment, it is just my fur baby and me in our little bubble.

I begin to pet him, softening my gaze as I look at him, noticing how it makes him feel. Then I tap into the joy he brings to me each day, and I think about the unconditional love he gives and how he is always there to comfort me at the right time.

I appreciate the feeling of safety and love we give to each other, petting him and whispering words of love in his ear. I allow the love and gratitude I feel for him to radiate from my heart to his. Then, with a couple of deep breaths, I come back to my body in the present and do it all again with Sable.

I encourage you to try it with your fur baby; it is a fantastic bonding experience! And my hope is for you to feel the unconditional love and guidance that your pets offer. Even if they have crossed the rainbow bridge they still offer guidance. I am still learning from Tahine and Charlie. 💖

Be Well, Be Radiant, and Be Open to the Love and Guidance!

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