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My Master Teacher is a Cat

My favorite mornings start by waking up next to my fur babies, Sable and Roscoe. Those are the mornings we snuggle together, all of us happy. Roscoe gives me puppy kisses and then nudges my hand with his nose to get me to scratch behind his ears while Sable nuzzles up against me and flips over on her back so she can get the belly rubs.

Sable and Roscoe in the wine country

Our pets play an essential part of our lives. They are here to guide us and help us fulfill our potential. That is if we pause and listen with our heart. Roscoe and Sable aren't my first fur babies. When I moved into my home, I had two other pets, Tahine, a mini bull terrier, and Charlie, a gray tabby who I affectionately called Puppy-Cat because he acted more like a dog than my actual dog!

Tahine loved hiking