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Reiki, Chakras, and Crystals

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Crystals have long been used as an instrument for healing. There is a well-known understanding amongst healers that crystals hold powerful healing properties in both the physical and the ethereal realm. 

I drink crystal infused water, my home is adorned with crystals, and I hold crystals while I meditate. 

But crystals haven’t always been a part of my routine. After receiving my Reiki Master attunement, I was eager to experience a more traditional lineage of practicing Reiki. It wasn’t until I experienced a crystal healing after volunteering at a traditional Reiki school, that I  started using crystals regularly in my holistic healing practices. 

The school had a very specific process for healing sessions.  Every client that came to the school was appointed with three practitioners. We moved in synchronized hand movements and used prescribed hand placements only, no intuitive placements. 

Towards the end of the day, I noticed the energy in the room had become heavy and stale. It was while giving Reiki to one of our final clients that I noticed myself feeling very dizzy and ungrounded. I was so disoriented that I even had the sensation that I was leaving my body.  By the end of the evening, I had become very weak and my energy depleted. I felt completely drained and unfocused. I wasn’t even sure I could drive home. 

Luckily, I made it home safe, but by that time I was even more dizzy and ungrounded than before. I couldn’t even put together a coherent sentence.  I practiced releasing any attachments I might have picked up, fortifying my energetic boundaries, and practicing self-Reiki before finally crashing for the night. 

I woke up still feeling unlike myself,  but I was scheduled to volunteer at a women’s cancer center and I knew I needed something to help me get focused, stay grounded, and be present. 

My hand reached for a piece of Rose Quartz I had lying on my desk. 

At the time, I wasn’t particularly a fan of Rose Quartz; it was a common stone and although pretty, it never really resonated with me. But, I knew that Rose Quartz is the universal stone for love. So I picked up the stone and rolled my eyes. I looked at the crystal and said, “I’ll bring you along because I do this work out of love,” and tucked the stone in my pocket.

During my first session, I began to feel flighty, dizzy, and weak again.  I could barely finish the session. The next client was late and I welcomed the respite. I walked to the lobby and sat down, reached into my pocket, and held the Rose Quartz. Immediately, I felt a rush of energy enter my body and I felt revitalized and renewed both physically and energetically. The universe did indeed provide me with what I needed. 

That was the most profound experience I’ve ever had with crystals and that is when I started regularly using crystals in my healing sessions. 

Using crystals with Reiki assists our bodies’ healing process in a very gentle and peaceful way. Our bodies resemble many of the chemical elements that crystals and minerals have. Bringing crystals into your auric field allows you to mimic the properties of those crystals by creating a resonant field.  This is why crystals pair so synchronistically with Reiki for healing work.  

I use crystals for my in-person sessions and during distance healings.  I create “crystal grids” for the distance healings based on how my client’s energy feels at that time. The selected crystals will continue to send Reiki to the client long after the session has ended.  However, my favorite way to use crystals with Reiki is to balance the Chakras.

Chakras are energetic vortexes that exist within all living things, including Mother Earth. These vortexes transport energy from the universe into your physical and your energetic body. When a chakra is imbalanced, the energy becomes stagnant and can manifest as physical and/or emotional pain. 

Many believe that the particular crystals used for healing Chakras should correlate to the associated Chakra color. For example, red is associated with the root chakra, and some would say only red crystals will work for healing the root Chakra. However, that kind of mindset can be very limiting. When it comes to crystal therapy, it’s better to experience and perceive the crystals through one’s own intuition.  

You can also use crystals without Reiki to heal your Chakras. It is recommended that you spend 3-7 days with one crystal, especially if you are just entering the crystal realm.

Here is a simple but effective technique I learned from my highly intuitive crystal mentor, Vivian Hart, owner of The Light Crystal, an online crystal healing business:

In this meditation, we use crystals to re-balance the Chakra centers...

  • Intuitively select a crystal that you want to use, hold the crystal in your left hand or place the crystal on one of the Chakra centers. 

  • Imagine that your Chakra center is beaming with light, visualize whatever color feels right for you at that moment.

  •  With every inhale, imagine energy drawing in from the crystal to your Chakra center, allowing the color to grow stronger. 

  • With every exhale, imagine your Chakra center expanding and shining brighter. 

After a few minutes of breathing into your Chakra center, let yourself relax into a meditation... Eventually, let go of the idea that you have to do anything.

After your meditation, take note of what thoughts came to mind…

Ask yourself “what emotions made themselves known, and do they want to be expressed?” Notice how these feelings and thoughts change over the course of your week while working on your Chakra. Perhaps, you keep a daily journal of what you notice regardless, enjoy and have fun exploring!

As always, sending you much love and light!

PS Loves!!

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