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Space Clearing and Travel

Summer is here, and people are venturing out, including myself. So I booked a trip to a land far away where I could relax and recharge. However, it had me thinking about unwanted germs, which lead me to think about unwanted energy.

I often clear my home of unwanted energy or lower vibration energy by burning sage and using my heart-felt intention, like prayers or affirmations. I always follow my space clearing practice my intention and burning Palo Santoto bring the warmth back into my home. Until now, it never occurred to me to energetically cleanse a space I traveled to, whether it was a room for the weekend at a friend's place, a rented home, or even a hotel room.

There have been many times I’ve stayed somewhere and noticed the room felt energetically off. I know strong emotions or heavy energy tend to linger until it is cleared. So, why haven't I used any of my tools to clean a space before energetically??

Why should one energetically clear a room? Well, aside from being able to feel the lingering energy, it could also have physical side effects, such as headaches, anxiety, and restless nights. All of which I experienced every time I stayed in a new space, especially a hotel. I just thought it was me, and I needed to get used to a place before I could have a good night's sleep and feel more emotionally normal.

So, as soon as I booked my trip, I decided to energetically cleanse the hotel using distance Reiki. I offer distance Reiki sessions to people, so why couldn't I use the protocols to send distance Reiki to the hotel room?

As I began to meditate and send Reiki, I started to visualize the place, then the building and the hotel room. I imagined walking over the threshold, seeing the kitchen and dining area, and continued until I got to the bathroom and the bedroom filling every corner with Reiki.

On the evening of my arrival, I walked into the room and immediately scanned the energy of the space; and it felt comfortable and welcoming, but there were still areas that felt a little funky, like the bed.

But luckily, I brought some tools with me to perform an in-person space cleaning that didn't require sacred smoke.

I created an energy clearing spray using essential oils. Sprays work the same way as burning sage, but instead of smoke removing the heavy energy, droplets of water and essential oil remove the unwanted energy. Here is the recipe I used:

4 oz spray bottle

5 drops of Sage essential oil

5 drops of Palo Santo essential oil

5 drops of Sacred Frankincense

Distilled water

Witch hazel

Add the drops of essential oil to the empty spray bottle.

Add the witch hazel, filling a third of the bottle.

Add the distilled water, filling it to the top of the bottle.

I used this spray so much throughout my trip! After I got off the plane while waiting for my luggage, inside the rental car, and on the bed when I got into the hotel room. I carried this cleansing spray everywhere just in case. The best part was that it left a beautiful grounding scent anywhere I sprayed it.

I also brought these fantastic Angel Tuning Forks. They are based on the ninth octave of the harmonic series and have a delicate harmonizing tone when used together. I use these in my Reiki sessions, but I also used the Angel Tuning Forks to clear the hotel room and called in the brightness of love and joy.

No essential oil or tuning forks? No problem! Here are other ways to clear a space:

Sun/Moonlight. Open the windows, allow the natural light (sun or moon) to come in, and remove the stagnant energy.

Meditate. There are many space-clearing meditations that you can google and play on your phone.

Regardless of which space clearing method is chosen, it needs to be done with intention derived from the heart. That means if you are using a word, affirmation, or even a prayer, feel into it instead of reciting from the mind. Honestly, I find it feels more aligned when I tap into my intuition to help me come up with the words. Sometimes it is just one word, and other times it is a lengthy prayer. Trust what comes up for you is perfect.

As always, Be Well, Be Radiant and Be in an energetically cleared space!

P.S. Loves!

Here is a lovely picture. A clue to where I went on my far away adventure! Any guesses?

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Michael Lu
Michael Lu
Aug 16, 2021

That is such a beautiful picture. I especially love the heart carved in the rock. Magical ❤️

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