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Space Clearing and Travel

Summer is here, and people are venturing out, including myself. So I booked a trip to a land far away where I could relax and recharge. However, it had me thinking about unwanted germs, which lead me to think about unwanted energy.

I often clear my home of unwanted energy or lower vibration energy by burning sage and using my heart-felt intention, like prayers or affirmations. I always follow my space clearing practice my intention and burning Palo Santoto bring the warmth back into my home. Until now, it never occurred to me to energetically cleanse a space I traveled to, whether it was a room for the weekend at a friend's place, a rented home, or even a hotel room.

There have been many times I’ve stayed somewhere and noticed the room felt energetically off. I know strong emotions or heavy energy tend to linger until it is cleared. So, why haven't I used any of my tools to clean a space before energetically??

Why should one energetically clear a room? Well, aside from being able to feel the lingering energy, it could also have physical side effects, such as headaches, anxiety, and restless nights. All of which I experienced every time I stayed in a new space, especially a hotel. I just thought it was me, and I needed to get used to a place before I could have a good night's sleep and feel more emotionally normal.

So, as soon as I booked my trip, I decided to energetically cleanse the hote