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Spring is here! 🌸🌷

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Hi Lovelies!! Spring is here a little early and I feel the springtime-stirrings of my soul. I love this time of year. It’s my favorite season. The air is cool, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing. I definitely feel like nature is stirring and waking from her long slumber. She is adorning herself with flowers and putting on her green dress.

Like nature, we slowly emerge from the quiet inward reflections of winter and begin to feel more energetic; sensing a time for renewal.

Personally, springtime is for hiking through green hills and listening to nature’s music - the bird song, the sound of the wind moving through the trees, and the feel of the cool air brushing against my skin while the sun lovingly holds me in her warm embrace.

It’s a time to reconnect with myself in nature. Time to allow what has come up for me during the winter season and honor it.

Honoring what’s in my awareness isn’t always easy, it means releasing what I no longer need. That could mean cleaning out my physical space or releasing limiting beliefs. In letting go of what no longer serves me, I make more space to take stock of what I have and appreciate the abundance in my life.

Here is how I am honoring what’s in my awareness this spring:


I always get the urge to declutter this time of year. However, I recently rearranged my bedroom furniture for the first time in 14 years! It feels more inviting and open now. I absolutely love being in my room, reading a book, or just lounging in bed. Reflecting back I see how the flow of energy was stagnant and how it was affecting my energy. So while I “Mare-Kondo” my place (letting go of no longer gives you joy) I’m also looking for ways to rearrange. This practice made me think about how this physical work translates into my mindset and thoughts. As I physically release items in my home, I’m simultaneously clearing out limiting beliefs. Rearranging is just another way to see something with a fresh perspective. Allowing me to reframe a concern in a more positive light.


I dread this every spring. My back patio is filled with the leaves of fall and the shedding of early-spring cherry blossoms. However, once I start picking up the dried leaves and fallen blooms there’s always a sense of calm that comes over me. I find gardening very grounding and centering. Gardening helps me remember my place in nature. It’s my way of deepening my conscious relationship with the world around me. It reminds me how it feels to live harmoniously with nature. Planting seeds and replanting new growth reminds me that I am co-creating with nature.


Living in a small place during a pandemic has challenged me to take a creative look at my living space; not just physically but also energetically. I found that I am naturally selective about what I allow in my home and this year I’m leaning into more nature by providing a loving home to a bazillion plants, a new pup, and by hanging a few bird feeders. There is something about witnessing the natural rhythms of the season from my living room that comforts my soul.


As I begin to shed the layers of winter and move into the lightness of spring, I’m called to simplify my life. Sure, decluttering and reorganizing my home helps, however, I need to remember that saying no is also self-care. So in order to manage my life in a way that feels good to me, I’m working on releasing time commitments that are not in alignment with my greatest values.

Spring is a time for rebirth as we allow the seeds we’ve planted to grow, flourish, and bloom. It is a time of change and transition and that can bring some discomfort. Change is hard even when it is a positive change. However, know that as the seasons move into longer days we make more space to recognize and honor the beautiful beings that we will become as we move into spring.

Be Renewed, Be YOU, and Be Radiant!

P.S. Lovelies!

If you can't get outdoors to enjoy the green bring the outdoors...indoors! 😊

Here are some great indoor plants for clearing the air in your home. My favorites are the low maintenance plants like the pothos and the snake plants. I do not have the greenest of thumbs but these plants make it super easy, even in rooms that receive low sunlight.

P.P.S. One more thought Lovelies!

Are you worried about your fur babies around houseplants? I recently found my pup chewing on one of my plants! I am grateful it was a pet safe plant! Here is a link for more info on indoor plants that are pet safe!🐶🐱

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