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Supporting Mood Episodes with Love

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The amount a person can grow is directly proportional to how much truth they are willing to see in themselves right now, without running away. 💞

If this sounds like you heard it from me before, it is because it is an excerpt from one of my social media posts.

The mighty word in the above sentence is "truth." Of course, I can dig deep and be aware of what's below the surface; however, seeing the truth in myself is a more profound feeling of vulnerability.

The holiday season can cause us just as much stress as it does joy. For some, it can be an emotional time bomb that leads to depression, a manic episode, or any number of heightened emotions triggered by stress.

Personally, this past month was about releasing anger. I mentioned in a previous Instagram post that focusing on my breath was a way for me to help relieve irritability ; however, it was hard because the trigger for my emotions kept playing over and over in my head. When I thought I was okay, I would relive the experience and energetically keep myself at a lower vibration. I had to be compassionate and hold space for myself to move through to the other side just as I had for clients without any attachments or judgments. I honestly do not know if I have ever given myself that much space to work it out and observe myself in devotion and compassion.

Shortly after, I needed to employ the nuggets of wisdom gained through this experience.

I watched a Dear One (DO) spiral into an emotional pit, a dark night of the soul. It was pretty scary, and I felt helpless. I wasn't sure what I could do to help or even what words of comfort to speak. All I knew was that my Dear One needed to say the words that wanted to be expressed even if it didn't make sense to me. They needed to be heard and to feel supported even if they were trying to endure the journey alone. Truthfully, I didn’t know if I could be there for support because I was scared. I could hear my ego vacillate between telling me I was way out of my league with this situation because I wasn't scholarly enough to hold space for the person, and “They'll be fine; it's just a phase; just give them time”