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When Reiki Doesn't Help with Grief

Reflecting on 2022, I realize I have been relatively quiet the last couple of months. For months, I felt significant shifts were going to happen, but I didn't know to what extent, and I was unprepared when one of the shifts occurred.

My last blog was about how Reiki could help the dying. That experience was beautiful and loving. Reiki helped me gracefully move through the stages of grief. In contrast, the night before Christmas Eve, an unexpected tragedy occurred to my family once again. My dear cousin's life was cut too short. All I could do was scream at the messenger when told of the news. I was in shock; my family was in shock.

As I moved through disbelief, I went straight into depression and then vacillated between anger and depression. I felt stuck and checked out of life. I knew I had to allow myself to move through stages of grief, but I didn't know how.

I understand grief isn't something you plan for; it's something you surrender to and allow it to fully express when it comes, even when it is an inconvenient time.