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You Are More Than Enough

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Feeling the shifts occurring in my life, I believed I knew where life was leading me, even though I was surrendering and trusting my intuition (so I thought).

Whenever I thought I knew where I was going, my life would shift in another direction. It happened so much that I sometimes felt I was just along for the ride.

However, sitting in the unknown has brought up so many emotions, but it all stems from fear.

Fear of:

  • Being an imposter

  • Not having a sustainable business

  • Not having enough time with my family

  • Not having enough time for me

  • Not being enough or doing enough

  • And the list goes on.

I felt each one of those statements in my body as I typed it and had to step away to allow the feelings to move through me. As I quieted my mind, I heard my soul voice tell me my "expectations" were causing this emotional discomfort. My expectation was, once the shifts came to fruition, I would have golden nuggets, whether it be wisdom, more opportunities, or freedom from whatever binds me. However, I expected these golden nuggets to appear in my life in specific forms.

As I tried to stay in the flow, I meditated, came home to myself, released the expectations, and trusted my Divine Plan. Immediately, I received a nudge from my intuition to look at my list above. I looked at my list and noticed that "not having" is a big fear, and then I heard, "My having-ness gauge is not set to 100%". What the heck is a "having-ness" gauge, you ask?

It is a visual technique to help me feel and embody my worth and step into my authentic self. It simply is what it sounds like; it is just like a gas gauge on a car but for having. Setting my having-ness gauge to 100% reflects my ability to have what I am co-creating. If it isn't set to 100%, then I start to live in fear of "not having." To try it, just visualize a gauge with 0% one end and 100% on the other. And see where your having-ness needle lands within the spectrum. If it isn't at 100%, then move the needle to 100% and padlock it in.

Another thing I saw on my list is "not enough." I am not enough. Most of us have experienced this thought and the accompanying feelings at some point. If you ever felt like you are not enough, I recommend being curious about yourself; perhaps you know where the root of this thought comes from, or maybe it is a reminder to reflect and give gratitude for the abundance you already have while embodying the beautiful soul you are.

As we move through this life just being ourselves, we share our energy and soul with those around us, and they share it with others, and so on. This is known as a ripple effect and gives a visual to the term "Let Kindness Ripple." It's how we can raise the collective vibration or lower it depending on our current frequency.

However, know that we are enough just being ourselves, living our authentic expression in our truth. We are more than enough. And the truth of that is enough to validate our existence and even quell the feeling of being an imposter. ✨

Be Well, Be You and Be Radiant,

P.S. Lovies!

Remember, You are more than enough!

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