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A Birthday Lesson

I don't remember my dreams much. Usually, I remember the essence and feelings, and any memory of the dream quickly fades as I awake. However, I remember the dream I had three days ago, and it’s still with me. I dreamt that I told someone my actual age, and they said, "Wow! I thought you were in your 40's! You look great for your age!" I remember feeling indignant and annoyed as I thought to myself, "Most people think I am in my 30's!" And then I heard a voice from the ethers say, "WTF! You are over 50! Why are you feeling that way about what was said?!" Wow! Talk about some baggage to unpack. I bet Freud would have a lot to say about my dream!

Lucky for me, I have my inner wisdom to help me understand what's been rolling around my head the last few days.

I often receive comments that I look younger than my age. Once, someone told me that I sounded younger, too. I suppose I took it in as my truth, and that is what created indignation in the dream. However, my lesson was to accept aging with grace and fully accept me.

I thought I had accepted all of me as is. But, it is just like the universe to point out that there are still parts of me that I do not fully embrace. This time it’s regarding my fears about getting older.

I noticed I have fears surrounding aging that I didn't have ten years ago, such as what will happen if I no longer have my daytime job? The thought of competing for a position with the younger generation is frightening. I also noticed that my body no longer bounces back from an injury like when I was younger. And forget about staying up all night at a party; I would probably need three days to recoup! I am a zombie the next day if I stay up past midnight.

However, in the spirit of accepting this facet of myself, I know there are benefits to being over 50, and it isn't AARP:

  • We tend to be happier and have a more joie de vivre mindset.

  • We tend to focus on our inner selves and can quickly move from a place of compassion, focusing on others with kindness.

  • We can find joy in all the simple things.

  • We have infinite wisdom.

Age comes with a plethora of life experiences which makes us a fountain of knowledge and insights.