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Is this the dawn of a new (and real) hope?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Lately, I’ve felt a shift in the collective energy. There’s still the collective anxiety and fear, but there’s something else - a brightness.

Being an overachiever 😄...

I was sheltering in place a week before the official order was given. That whole time, I could sense the collective fear and anxiety. And I, probably like most of you, felt like everything was just a little unnerving.

So I used my knowledge of fortifying my energetic boundaries, I prayed and I practiced self-Reiki. I pulled out all the tools I learned over the years to stay grounded and in my sovereignty.

I practiced all of this while I hid in my home with no contact with people. When I did venture outside to get gas or go grocery shopping, the air was thick with heavy emotions, it was like a miasma permeating into my soul, draining me of my vitality.

Like most, I imagine, I struggled in this existence and looked for comfort by eating junk food and mind-numbingly watching TV or surfing the internet.

Then one day, after weeks of poorly-coping, I went to the grocery store and saw people chatting and being friendly - I even accidently cut in front of someone and I was repaid with graciousness.

That’s when I noticed that something deep is changing here… and it may have a great effect on us all for years to come.

While driving on the freeway, even the drivers were kind and more patient!

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