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UnF**kablewith at 55

*Warning: Mild explicit language, maybe offensive to some readers

Today, I turned 55 years old and am currently sitting under a tree with my weekly donut (blueberry, yummy!), I think to myself, "I don't feel 55." What? What am I saying? What does that mean?? It is not like I have an experience in this lifetime of what it is to be 55 years old.

I know that thought came from my younger self, who expected that at 55, I'd be retired and relegated to age-appropriate activities such as gardening, eating dinner early, and going to bed before the sun sets. Hmmm, I do all of that, except I am not retired. HAHA!

Regardless, I feel like I just started living on my terms which includes letting go of what other people think about me. I'm sitting here at a local garden where people come in dressed in garden clothes. I came in right off the street, still wearing my running clothes and dripping sweat. It doesn't bother me because I am not here for anybody else but for me. This is my time to just sit and say hello to myself. There is freedom showing up as I am and allowing myself to just be and contemplate the years.

Reflecting on the years, I have gained a few valuable insights. I have listed a few in hopes you embody the insights sooner rather than later.

Here are a few of my life insights:

  • I can still tap into the feeling of gratitude and love amid tragedy or sadness.

  • Health and well-being are my priority. I need to live a fulfilling life, and focusing on my mental and physical health allows me to feel the richness of life.

  • Time is precious, so I cherish relationships and surround myself with positive and supportive people.

  • I am unfuckablewith, most of the time. This means I need to be truly honest with myself. Sure, people's words or even my own thoughts might sting, but I can still love those who may not align with my energy or purpose. I even love the ugly parts of me that appear when I am not aligned with my higher self. Being unfuckablewith doesn't come from a place of aggression or control but rather from a place of embodying my sovereignty and seniority.

  • It's never too late for me to pursue passions and dreams, regardless of my age. I always say "When you start, that is the perfect time."

And with that, go out there, follow your truth, find your people, and dream big, but most of all, do it with unfuckable courage!

Be Radiant, Be You, and Be Unfuckablewith!

P.S. Lovelies,

Here is the spiritual meaning 55, and it sounds incredible! I am looking forward to what this year has in store! 💖

The numerology number 55 is about independence with the freedom to explore new areas of human experience. 55 is outward looking, forward-looking, and both desires and anticipates new experiences and new learning. It is adventurous, self-sufficient, and rather enjoys going it alone.

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