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Tap Into The Divine Circuitry of Your Being - Feel Like Yourself Again!

Find out if Be Radiant is right for you… 

Meet Deanna, get some clarity, and take the first steps towards transformation right now! 

Reiki - Crystal Therapy - Deep Inner Work

Meet Deanna





























Hello Loves!

I’m Deanna Jaromay. Nice to meet you!

I am a light-worker, energy practitioner, wife, mother, and a person who loves life.

I’m also a person who’s felt first-hand the exhaustion that comes from the complexity of being human.


For years, I was disconnected from my intuition, broken emotionally, spiritually and physically.

The process of healing began when I discovered how to connect to my inner wisdom through mediation, journaling and feminine yoga.

During this process, I felt strongly drawn to Reiki and to learn more about how it could aid in my healing journey.


There are no accidents or coincidences... Reiki came into my life as a way to work through the deep-held beliefs and blockages that manifested physically in my body as chronic pain and sickness. This deep inner work tore off the band-aids that I had been using to hide my scars. I was left feeling exposed, open and raw. Reiki became the salve I needed for healing. I practiced self-Reiki as part of my self-care protocol every day.


Healing did not happen overnight, but it did happen.


After many months of tending to my wounds, I woke with a deep feeling of connection - to myself and to everything in the world.

As I continued to heal, I allowed myself to feel happier, more compassionate and able to see the beauty and love all around me.

My life has shifted, my relationships are more authentic, my work life more fulfilling, and I love myself and my body like never before.

With this healing came the intuitive sense to honor the call to become a Reiki Master and immerse myself in the teachings of the energetic healing arts: Usui / Holy Fire® III Reiki Master, Angelic Reiki as well as Theta Healing. 


The energy work I practice manifests through a deep compassion and a desire to radiate infinite love for those who are awakening. 

I will use my energetic knowledge, my intuitive wisdom and all that I have learned to guide you back to yourself, connecting you with your inner wisdom. I am here to lovingly hold sacred space and support you through your transformational journey and cultivate a sense of peace, calm and balance needed for your healing journey. 


Let’s discover the natural you, together! 

Screenshot 2020-04-15 17.19.08.png

There's a place in you that knows exactly how to show up in the world … let's find it together!


Welcome to Be Radiant!


Right now is the time of healing and grace.

All around us, in everything we do, there’s a limitless source of divine intelligent energy so fulfilling and so permanent... 

...that it’s a wonder we sometimes forget about its caring, wholesome, and limitless presence in our lives. 

But Feeling Like Our Natural, Open, and Healthy Selves is Simple... 

All we really need to do is reopen the circuit … so our natural energy can bring us back to who we’re meant to be.

That’s the choice I help you make at Be Radiant:

To live more and more in the love that nourishes and upholds your life… through conscious interaction

with our shared energetic source. 


Ultimately, helping you feel like your genuine self again. 

Screenshot 2020-04-11 03.00.46.png

I feel so fortunate to have experienced a reiki session with Deanna. She has a true gift for the healing arts. Her love and passion for this work were evident from the moment I stepped into the room. Deanna's gentleness and compassion allowed me to fully open up. I was able to feel where there was stagnant energy in my body and by the end of the session, I felt lighter and more hopeful. I feel truly blessed to have this amazing healer in my life. 

Jackie Jordan, M.A


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Walnut Creek, CA 94596


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Complimentary Call

15 Min
Complimentary Call

Let's begin the journey together

Distance Reiki

45 Min Distance
Energy Healing

Receive reiki from the comfort of your home...

In-Person Sessions

30 Min Energy
Support Boost

Deepen the connection with your subtle body ...

In-Person Sessions

60 Min
Energy Healing

Begin a supported energy healing practice...

In-Person Sessions

75 Min Deep Intuitive Energy Healing

Expand your current energy healing practice...

In-Person Sessions

90 Min Deep
Healing + Divination

A deeply restorative and supportive healing experience...

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